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How Visual Media International Added Over $53k in New Monthly Revenue While Reducing CAC by 30% in 7 Months

Our Latest Case Study

Visual Media International


The main issue was lacking a repeatable system to generate demand while being capital efficient and not burning through their marketing budget.

They primarily relied on referrals and a couple of in-house runned media buying campaigns here and there as a way to sign clients.

Before working with us, they were averaging 3-5 leads per month and paying $500 for each lead through paid traffic and outdated outbound marketing tricks.


After joining us, we booked over 16 qualified sales calls with their ideal prospects in 45 days, added $25K to their MRR, and $150K in contract revenue in 90 days while reducing their CAC by 30%.

$ 1 K
$ 1 K
Contract Revenue
Meetings Booked
1 %


Companies We've Booked in the Last Three Months

Who's this for?

Established B2B Service Based Businesses

This is definitely not for beginners.

This protocol works best for businesses with some product-market fit.

We define that as 5+ paying clients in a specific niche with case studies to back it up.

Lacking a reliable channel to consistently generate demand

If your business is relying only on inbounds and referrals for acquisition and you’re looking to diversify your marketing channels for more reliability and consistency,

then this is for you.

Systems & Team in place

If you believe that you have everything that you need to scale in place;

Product,case studies, delivery systems and talented team members and that the only hurdle stooping is not getting the initial phone calls with your ideal clients that are in need of what you’re offering and are willing to invest.

Then this is for you.

The F.A Protocol

Here’s an overview of our approach to success 

Go-to-Market & Offer Creation

Most companies build services without fully understanding their clients, only relying on what they think.

In order to figure out where your market stands and what’s the right solution it needs, the first step we take is doing our due diligence by deeply researching your market.

After that, we’re going to take all the info we gathered in the research phase and use it to craft a compelling offer with massive resonance using a specific proven framework.

Sales Assets Creation

What’s a Sales Asset? It is a piece of content that will help your audience have a better understanding of your offer and the correlation between their problems and how your product is going to solve them. It can be in the form of a letter or video. For Example: Sales Letter, Blog…

Anything that provides value to your audience while displaying expertise and social proof can be considered a sales asset.

Crafting strong sales assets around your solution will give you an edge over the competition and will make your life easier when it comes to educating your market about your product and your company’s values. It will help you differentiate yourself and stand out.

Demand Generation Infrastracture

 Now that the Offer & Sales Assets are ready, the next step is driving the right traffic to them.

We will Architect and Implement a Demand Generation Engine to help you acquire customers at a rate that enables sustainable and profitable growth.

We leverage the latest Tech Stack with Sheer Distribution Volume to drive Consistent Deal Flow.

Sales Process & Operation

Now that you’ve figured out how to find a lead, turn them into an opportunity via qualification, it’s time to close the lead.

Booking an appointment with a prospect is not the end of race, first thing we book them, then we make sure they show-up ready to make a decision.

For this, we’re going to implement a smooth end-to-end sales process that includes: Pre-Call process, Nurturing Sequences, Trigger Bases Workflows and a CRM System. 


Scaling with Speed

you’ll be able to achieve results faster, cheaper, and without having to lift a finger.

Sustainable Growth

You will be able to acquire customers at a rate that enables sustainable and profitable growth.

Effiecient Marketing

You can cut down on other marketing expenses that yield uncertain results.

Hitting Targets

You can forget about not hitting your quarterly or annually revenue targets.

Time Gain

You will stop worrying about marketing and start focusing solely on your product development.

Freaquently Asked Questions

We pre-qualify all the people we decide to work with. If we are not 100% confident that our solution will help you, we won’t onboard you.

It has to make sense for both of us, as we only make money if you make money.

Yes, we guarantee that if you cooperate with us and deliver all the required work, you will have a well-oiled demand generation machine that brings between 3-5 new business opportunities weekly MINIMUM.

  • Interview you past clients and collect case studies.
  • Help set ICP and create an overview of offer and niche.
  • Close the business opportunities we deliver.

We cannot speak to what previous marketers and agencies have tried and failed to achieve, but we are confident in our system and ability to deliver on our promise and support this belief with a guarantee.

Our services are highly custom, so it would be better to discuss a pricing structure tailored to your needs.

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